Aircraft hangars
How to Save Money and Get What You Expect

Aircraft Hangars are not as difficult to buy at the right price as you may think. I have worked for and with many companies that provide them and its amazing how much hype can be found surrounding the purchase.

If you know what you are looking for, you can be assured that you can get quality aircraft hangars without spending too much money. If you don't know what to look for its easy to get fed a line by a salesman that may or may not know anything about how they are designed, fabricated or erected. Here are some of the common lines you might hear, some I would go as far as calling them scams.

"We have some buildings that were not picked up by a prior customer and need to move them out". This is a common sales gimmick that rarely if ever exists. Most if not all buildings required a significant deposit and can be fabricated in a few weeks, so for a business to go from buying to not buying something they've given a 20-25% deposit on in a few weeks is rare. To talk to the salesman, they will say that they have these buildings sitting out back and 10 people have told them they want them. I have heard one salesman tell me that this building was going to auction next week, so I had better act fast. If you get this line, ask him if you decide to purchase, can he ship it this week. You will find most will say they will have it to you by the time your slab is finished and when pushed, they can't, for some incredible reason, ship it to you in the next few days. Its because they don't have it built yet. No aircraft hangars...Wadda ya know!

"Our buildings are superior to everyone else's". One of the big names you hear on the radio, who claim to be able to save you thousands, will try to sell you a building at a higher price because theirs is "better" than the competition. In reality, there is very little difference between buildings. Most if not all, aircraft hangars are built to standard engineering designs based on required loads in your county. So a building with given requirements will be virtually identical between manufacturers. Not that there may be differences, but the differences are minor. The differences effect areas like trim, assembly and packaging which really are only again minor issues. Don't fall for the sales tactics that try to convince you their company is the only quality, reputable company out there.

"We have steel bought at a good price but once that's gone our prices will go up". This can be a legitimate statement but also can be used to get you to make a purchase in a hurry. If they have a batch of steel bought at a better price, they can usually tell you how far out they think their production will go with this steel. The steel isn't usually just bought in some mass quantity but instead bought based on estimated production.

"If we can get your business we can deduct X% so we can keep our employees busy". This can be a great find. If the prices you are getting appear to be much better than the competition and this is the explanation, you may have found a great deal. In this economy there are manufacturers that are trying to keep everyone busy to weather the bad times. I have gotten buildings discounted as much as 20% just so they could keep the plant busy. A savings of over $20,000 in this case. Just don't believe this line right up front. Do your homework. And just because they give you a discount doesn't mean its the best deal out there.

So what easy steps can you take to get the best building for the money and not get sold a bill of goods? Again, do your homework or contact me. I also work as a construction consultant and, for a flat fee, can help you buy a building at a great price and not get stepped on by an aggressive salesman. In the Central Texas area I can work as a construction consultant and construction manager to get it completed or if you are not in the area, I can get a building shipped to you and work with you to get the project done on your own. Call me at 254 749 5490 or contact me through the Contact Us page and we can discuss your needs. I don't represent any particular manufacturer and will work exclusively for you to help you get one of the best aircraft hangars for your money.

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