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Sport Pilot Stuff, Flying resources to help get you in the air

How to keep sport pilot flying as it ought to be, fun, accessible and affordable.

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Saving Money on Aircraft Hangars

How to Save Money on Aircraft Hangars and Get What You Expect

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Getting Your Sport Pilot License

How to get a Sport Pilot License, have fun and save money all at the same time!

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Airport Communications at Uncontrolled Airports

Airport communications at uncontrolled airports made easy

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Learning to Fly 10 Tips to Get You In the Air

Learning to fly made easier using ten useful tips

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Hangar Flying - Flight of the Ferries

Hangar Flying the story of the flying ferries

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Sport Pilot Instructor

I am a Sport Pilot Instructor and passionate about flying.

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Aviation Supplies from

Aviation Supplies recommended and reviewed at

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Learning to Fly in Carnegie Hall

What does learning to fly have to do with Carnegie Hall?

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How To Become A Pilot

How to become a pilot using free stuff

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Aviation Videos and Books

Aviation videos and books to help you get in the air

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Hangar Flying

Hangar flying stories to keep you entertained.

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Quick and Cheap Flying Tips

Short flying tips for every pilot and aircraft owner

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Buying Aviation Headsets

Guide to selecting Aviation Headsets and reviews

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The Airplane Flying Handbook

Aviation videos and books, a review of the Airplane Flying Handbook

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Learning to Fly Blind Sort Of

Learning to fly without relying on the instruments

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Flying Tips a Thumb rule of Thumb

When can your thumb become one of the flying tips?

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Flying Tips - make your own mic covers

another one of the flying tips on making your own mike covers

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Flying Tips Pitot Cover

Flying tips, make your own pitot cover for pennies

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Flying Tips - Temperature Conversion

Flying tips, quick temperature conversions in your head

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