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Quick Temperature Conversions

Flying tips on temperature conversion. You can get a close shot at an equivalent Fahrenheit temperature from a Centigrade temperature with an easy rule of thumb. Take the temperature given in Centigrade and double it. Then take that number and add thirty. You will get a rough conversion quickly without doing any super sophisticated math. Here's an example:

17 degrees Centigrade

take that and double it to 34 degrees

add 30 to that number and you have your conversion of 64 degrees. The actual conversion is 62.6 so its pretty close.

As you get closer to 100 degrees Fahrenheit it is less accurate however it does err on the high side which for density altitude calculations its on the safe side. This works best around 60 degrees Fahrenheit but is still close enough to let you know if you need a sweater or an additional thousand feet of runway.

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